GEV Partner Webshop

Fully featured webshop

The GEV Partner Webshop supports all functionalities that the GEV Partner API has to offer together with all the features required to run a webshop out of the box.

It is designed with responsiveness in mind, so your customers can use the shop on their cellphone, tablet and desktop computer.

Webshop features included are:

  • A complete vendor list
  • Shopping cart and checkout
  • Product favourites
  • Order history
  • Inquiries
  • Basic account management

Management features are explained later on.

Customizable frontend

The webshop is built in a way that separates business logic from presentation. It uses a framework that makes it possible to override all the layout elements.

GEV Partner API

The items content is powered by the GEV Partner API and offers the following services:

Search suggestions Helps the user defining a meaningful search query
GEV Fast Search A powerful search engine that queries through item descriptions, product numbers, supplier references, etc.
Product details Provides descriptions, prices, availability, images, technical details, vendors, accessories, spare parts and alternative items on products.
Ordering API Efficiently create drop shipments for your customers.